Building a Navigation Component with Variables

Feb 6, 2022

The journey into entrepreneurship sprouts from the desire to find answers, challenge your creative spirit, and witness the direct correlation between devotion and success.

The spirit of a founder becomes obsessed with actualizing their idea. The initial months to years lack tangibility for family and friends. The societal construct of success is constantly pushed into your consciousness, and you battle to remember that what you are doing isn't for the weak-willed.

The continual death and rebirth of ideas, the thread between each startup appearing different externally but still keeping you obsessed with your internal process. The moment it all comes together, you realize you only have 1% of the grand vision. This taunts and excites you, consistently holding the polarities of sacrifice for success and success causing sacrifice.

"The societal construct of success is constantly pushed into your consciousness"

Eventually, an edge emerges you must become the business. Your identity is your business.Your ability to build caverns of space for nonbelievers no longer exists. You become a leader for an idea, and no matter the depths of illusions, the illusions eventually become a reality.

Your business becomes your own religion; a cult is born with one leader and one follower.

Accepting this journey perpetually instills both a sense of peace and an inherent urgency. It compels you to create relentlessly, fuelled by the uncertainty of just how extraordinary the outcome might unfold.